Since 2014, the Broad Alliance led the effort to permanently protect Scottish communities from onshore and near-shore unconventional gas development. 


Our Mission

The Broad Alliance seeks to inform communities across Scotland about the health, environmental and economic costs of proposed unconventional gas extraction, and to help mobilise Scottish communities to resist such development in Scotland. In January 2015 the Scottish Government announced a 'moratorium on granting consents for unconventional oil and gas developments in Scotland whilst further research and a public consultation is carried out'. While many people seem to think that UGE (often popularly referred to as fracking) has been banned in Scotland, it is clear that UGE development is simply 'on pause' as government considers the impacts of UGE. The public consultation on UGE represents an opportunity for community groups across Scotland to have their say on this technology. The Broad Alliance has been created to help coordinate popular community opposition to UGE development in Scotland.

Yet, in a leap of faith unsubstantiated by scientific evidence, its authors suggest that many of the environmental and public health problems experienced in the US would probably not apply to the UK. Unfortunately, the conclusion that shale gas operations present a low risk to public health is not substantiated by the literature.
— British Medical Journal (BMJ 17 April 2014)

What We've Achieved

  • Created a network of concerned communities across Scotland
  • Participated in public meetings, election hustings and commented in media on the risks of UGE
  • Raising public awareness of UGE risks
  • Recognised stakeholder in Scottish Government led consultations on UGE
  • Organised fringe meeting debate at SNP conference in 2015 on UGE moratorium
  • Hosted community workshops to assess local public opinion on fracking and discuss community UGE responses