Where Victoria Leads, Scotland must follow

The state of Victoria in Australia is to permanently ban fracking and all forms of unconventional oil and gas extraction. The decision was taken after a parliamentary inquiry received 1600 submissions, almost every one calling for the current moratorium to be transformed into an outright ban.

Confirming that legislation will be introduced next year, State Premier Daniel Andrews stated:

“It is clear that the Victorian community has spoken. They simply don’t support fracking. The government’s decision is based on the best available evidence and acknowledges that the risks involved outweigh any potential benefits to Victoria.”

Frack ban will protect agricultural products

This result has been achieved by an active coalition of communities and in particular agricultural communities. Agriculture employs 190,000 people in Victoria, and the government said a key reason for the decision was to protect the reputation of the state’s farmed products. Premier Andrews said:

"Our farmers produce some of the world's cleanest and freshest food. We won't put that at risk with fracking."

Speaking for The Broad Alliance of Scottish Communities Against UOGE, chairperson Donald Campbell said:

"Where Victoria leads, Scotland must follow. The Scottish government is also carrying out a series of studies into the impact of fracking and unconventional gas extraction, and has promised a public consultation. Like communities in Victoria, we need to be ready to make our views clear.
"I can’t do better than repeat what the Premier of Victoria said - that the risks involved outweigh any potential benefits. And I particularly call on Scottish farmers to talk to their colleagues in Victoria and hear why they were so determined to see this dirty business banned, and then to join the campaign."