RISE against fracking - assembly passes resolution

At its National Assembly meeting in Edinburgh on September 2, RISE, the radical independence group, voted to support the fight against Unconventional Gas Extraction - Fracking.

The resolution, proposed by two members from Glasgow, was passed unanimously. 

The conference was told that Scotland faces a unique set of circumstances in which issues of climate, jobs, energy and democracy intersect. Core components of the socialist case for a sustainable world would include a permanent ban on fracking, it was suggested in the background to the resolution.

The existing licenses for fracking [Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction - UOGE] were awarded by the UK Government in 2008 but the decision now on fracking was devolved to the Scottish Government as part of the Scotland Act 2016.  

Glasgow City Council, along with other Councils, did ban fracking but this ban was objected to by one of the license holders, and the decision was given back to Scottish Government. The reporter appointed by the Scottish government to consider the situation insisted that Glasgow could not go further than what is contained in the National Planning Framework, which currently does not rule out fracking. This is an insidious erosion of local councils' decisions and an affront to democracy. 

Currently there is a Moratorium on UGE in Scotland, which has been in place since 2015, whereas in England companies are pushing ahead with exploration in the face of massive protests. 

In response to over 60,000 responses received by end of May 2017, when the Scottish Government Consultation closed, and other research, it is hoped that the Scottish Government will make a decision to ban fracking by the end of 2017.


RISE should seek a permanent ban on fracking [Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction - UOGE]. RISE should also endeavour to be active with other groups to bring about this permanent ban on fracking.