Broad Alliance submits the community case for a ban

Campaigners gathered at Holyrood to hand in thousands of responses to the Scottish Government's consultation, all of them demanding an outright ban.

The groups that form the Broad Alliance have submitted their joint case for ruling this industry out, once and for all, in Scotland. You can read our submission here.

Donald Campbell, Chair of the Alliance presented the submission and thousands of other individual postcard response, to Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse. Around 40,000 people have responded to the public consultation, and it is understood that the vast majority have said a resounding NO to UOGE in Scotland.

"Throughout our active campaigning and extensive engagement in communities threatened with UOGE development, we found absolutely no support anywhere for this industry. In fact we have found universal opposition," said Donald Campbell, joining other BA members at the Scottish Parliament.

"This level of opposition represents a total refusal of any social licence for UOGE in Scotland. If this proves not to be the deciding factor in the decision on whether to ban UOGE, then the Scottish government will have to honestly admit where in Scottish society it has identified support for this industry, and whose interests will be served by permitting it.

"However, today we are hoping that the government is listening and will stick to the promise Nicola Sturgeon made, when she told the Scottish parliament that unless it could be proved UOGE could be done without risk to health and the environment, it would not be permitted."