More than 5,000 petition Scottish government to ban fracking

Campaigners hand in petition

Campaigners from Torrance and Strathaven are heading for Holyrood (Tuesday May 2nd, 3pm) to hand in a petition calling for a ban on fracking, and all forms of unconventional oil and gas. They'd love it if people from the Broad Alliance could join them.

5,187 signed the petition, organised through 38 Degrees, was started by East Dunbartonshire resident Ruth Dunster who explained: 

I live in Torrance, a beautiful village in a scenic, unspoilt valley in Scotland. I  found out last year that Ineos Upstream Ltd have plans for a fracking operation here - and in a whole swathe of communities in other areas across Scotland. Fracking is a process which forces water deep underground at very high pressure to force gas to the surface. It has an appalling and frightening track record around several countries, especially the USA and Australia.
The Scottish Government is already being lobbied by powerful companies like Ineos to move away from our renewable energy strategy and invest in this toxic and dangerous industry instead. Please tell the Ministers responsible for energy and environment policies that we want Scotland to invest in renewable energy technologies and refuse to grant fracking licenses to companies like Ineos Upstream.
Scotland is at the turning point. Either we invest in the sort of technologies out there for clean, cheap energy - like Norway's huge hydro power scheme which creates most of their energy - or we go down the toxic energy road of the fracking business lobby's plans.